Saturday, August 15, 2009

Netizens irked by Fernando's 'Flash Game'

By Karen Lapitan
Inquirer Southern Luzon
First Posted 17:15:00 08/15/2009

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LOS BAÑOS, Laguna Philippines—Who wants to be Bayani Fernando's virtual protégé?

Despite the chance to win a laptop, online users are irked by Bayani Fernando's flash game called "Be the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) Chairman" recently seen advertised at Facebook, a popular social networking site.

The prize is an Asus Eee PC laptop for the entry that gets the highest score by September 30 for the game which considers its players as MMDA Chairman Fernando's 'virtual protégé.'

Before the game starts, the player needs to answer questions such as "What electoral position will Bayani Fernando run for in 2010?" The player can only proceed if the question is answered right.

The game, which can be accessed through Fernando's website, with the link has a set of mechanics similar to those of the once popular dance music game 'Dance Revolution.'

With right timing as a crucial factor, the game works by simply hitting the correct arrow key or space bar at the right time when the characters such as vendors are approaching a particular MMDA tool such as a street sign.

A player needs to finish each level within the allotted time. The number of levels, however, is not stated in the mechanics provided.

"Gwapo points" are earned whenever the player hits the right keys.

It also features a 'urine meter' which would be filled up whenever the player hits the wrong keys in playing the game. This also serves as a signal for a 'game over.'

A photo of Fernando would pop up with a message explaining the essence of MMDA's activities like sidewalk clearing.

By September 30, the highest scorer of the game will win an Asus Eee PC Laptop as stated in the website.

Online users, however, seem not pleased with the prize at stake and the game itself.

"It shows how desperate he is," said Dianne Garcia, a Facebook user who saw the game online.

Rem de Leon, another Facebook user, commented "Nobody's going to impeach Bayani Fernando for this. It just ain't worth it. So BF manages to cast himself in the role of hero again. But we Pinoy netizens have a new complaint against him: he's guilty of politicizing Facebook...Shame on you, BF."

Blogger Tonyo Cruz said, "It looks ugly, as ugly as BF's beliefs about Filipinos. Target siguro nina BF yung middle classes online but I doubt if they will love this game. It looks cheap."

Liane Silla, a Filipina now based in Dubai, thought Fernando's concept "is simply pathetic."

Meanwhile, there are online users who tried playing the game but ended up disappointed by the technical glitches. "The game doesn't seem to work for me. The (allotted time) stays at zero and after the first five (character vendors) come down, nothing follows," one user shares.

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